Into the Space for Daydreaming

せいTowards the Vast
Mixed media collage on paper
70.5 x 100cm

Space play a part in our life and by understanding them beyond what they are, it could be contribute to how it influence our mind in relation with the space, both in terms of how the space relates with our memories and how our thoughts could change the space; through the analyzing of space, movement and forms.

Being aware of and engage with the spaces around us is important. With the fast development of the society, pace of living have speeded up and travelling have also became more advanced and convenient. With such living habit, we tends to miss out or give little attention to the surrounding, forgetting to see and experience. By knowing and intervening our habitual way through engagement of thoughts, movement and perception, we could make use of our daily routine to further engage with the space and our mind. It proposed that with such engagement, it could contribute to our growth as we will be able to experience each moment not as just it is but in different form as we start to be able to think and see beyond what is presented. With attempt to see how forms initiate thoughts and how forms can be used as a mode of reflection through expressing them.

Abstract art is an approach we can use to engages with our space, experience, memories and thoughts; how forms and colours are a way to express our imagination.

Belinda S Shan

(an extract from the full dissertation: BEYOND HERE-INTO THE SPACE FOR DAYDREAMING)



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